Kovalam-The Paradise of the South

Kovalam is also Known as “The Paradise of the South“. Kovalam is a world famous beach situated in Kerala, India. It is one of the main travel destination of international tourists. The Beach with miles of golden sands, Coconut trees and the blue water of the Arabian Sea make Kovalam one of the favourite destination af all types of tourists. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees.

Kovalam beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Kovalam the paradise of the south

Kovalam offers a variety water sports opportunities, great seafood, and Ayurvedic massages and treatments. Kovalam is one of the most prominent tourist spots in India. Kovalam is finding a new significance in the light of several Ayurvedic salons, and recuperation and regeneration resorts which provide a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments for tourists.


Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala

Kovalam beach

Swimming and bathing are very refreshing and exhilirating in the waves. One can walk into the sea for about 100 metres without loosing ground. This cove is also the safest place for swimming. At many coastal places there are beautiful patches of coral reefs. The underwater views, which are visible during snorkeling, are really marvellous. Visitors can experience the tremendous joy of surfing, swimming, skiing and kayaking in the vast azure water of Arabian sea which touches the golden sands of Kovalam. And dont forget to watch the wonderful sunset at the Kovalam beach…..

The Three Charming Beaches of Kovalam

Kovalam has three crescent shaped beaches separated by rocky outcroppings. The beaches are ideal for swimming and the shallow waters streach for hundreds of metres along with palm covered head lands and lots of shops with all kinds of goods.

  1. Lighthouse Beach : The Light house beach is the most popular and the Largest beach of Kovalam which is located at the southern part of Kovalam. It is called so because of the 35 m high light house situated atop of Kurumkal hill. Most of the Hotels, restaurants, lodges and shops are located here. The Light house beach offers a spectacular view of the Vizhinzam mosque and its verdant surroundings.
  2. Hawah Beach : Hawah beach is the second largest beach of Kovalam situated in between Light house beach and samudra beach. Visitors frequent these two beaches.
  3. Samudra Beach : The Samudra beach is located at the northern part of Kovalam. It is an ideal place for nature lovers.It is also a perfect beach for sunbathing.

Ashoka beach is also the part of Kovalam beach.

There are a large number of beach resorts in and around Kovalam.The Seaport of Vizhinjam is about 3 km away. It is famous for special variety of fishes, old temple, big church and mosque.The Proposed International Trans shipment Terminal at Vizhinjam is also close to Kovalam.

Sunset in Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Sunset in Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Kovalam-Fact File
District : Thiruvananthapuram
Altitude : At Sea Level
Temperature-Summer : 36.2 c to 20.6 c
Temperature-Winter : 35.0 c to 18.0 c
Rainfall : 170 cm
Clothing : Light cottons
Best Time to Visit : Sept to May
STD Code : 0471

How to Reach

By Air

  • Thiruvananthapuram Airport : 20 Km

By Rail

  • Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station : 16 Km

By Road

  • Thiruvananthapuram Town : 16 Km
  • Bus Time : Bus Service available every 15 mts from Thiruvananthapuram Kizhakekotta Bus Stand
Kovalam Hotels, Kovalam resorts

Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Tourist Information Office

  • Tourist Information Center, Near Bus Stand, Kovalam : 0471-480085
  • Tourist Information Center, Park View, Thiruvananthapuram : 0471-321132
  • Tourist Information Center, International Airport, Thiruvananthapuram : 0471-502298
  • Tourist Information Center, Railway Station, Thampanur : 0471-334470
  • Tourist Information Center, Central Bus Station, Thampanur: 0471-327224

Tourist Destinations Near By :

  • PathmanabhaSwami Temple : (16 Km) : Fameous Mahavishnu Temple
  • Kuthiramalika Palace Museum : (16 Km) : Lot of art works in wood and costly paintings are there in this museum. The Palace is build by King Swathithirunaal.
  • Zoo(19 Km) : Zoo and Snake Park
  • Sree Chithira Art Gallery : (19 Km) : Lot of paintings displayed here including Raja Ravi Varma
  • Varkala : (55 km) It has a superb beach and cliff front and the usual tourist amenities. The quiet sandy beaches and large lakes of Paravur (65 km from Kovalam) are also close to Varkala and are hidden away. Paravur is a shared secret among those seeking a more peaceful getaway.
  • Neyyar Dam : More convenient is a tour with a taxi and guide. You cross through hilly landscapes, rubber tree plantations and a stunning landscape. There is a wildlife sanctuary with free roaming lions, deer and (caged) indian mugger crocodiles. Close by is an elephant camp in the forest where you can ride an elephant or help washing one. On the way you pass by the Shivanda Ashram.
  • Ayurvastra : Ayurvastrais a commercial organic fabric dyeing centre about 10km from Kovalam where fabrics are dyed using herbs. Tourist can visit the place and see the demo of dyeing. Please fix an appointment.


  • Police Station, Kovalam: 0471-480255
  • General Hospital : 0471-443874
  • Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram : 0471-528300

Distance Chart

  • Thiruvananthapuram – 13 Km
  • Alleppey – 158 Km
  • Bangalore – 516 Km
  • Calicut – 456 Km
  • Cochin – 235 Km
  • Idukki – 306 Km
  • Kannur – 550 Km
  • Kollam – 85 Km
  • Kottayam – 175 Km
  • Kumarakom – 175 Km
  • Munnar – 317 Km
Kovalam Light house, thiruvananthapuram

Kovalam Light House

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