Chootad Beach

Chootad Beach is a very attractive beach facing the Ezhimala hills and became famous recently. The beach is very clean and gives a very good view of the Ezhimala hills. Chootad is a beautiful landscape situated near to the foothill of the famous Ezhimala hills, surrounded by very closely planted Casuarina trees, a river and coconut trees.

Chootad beach

Chootad beach with Casuarina trees in the background

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The beach which falls in-between the Ezhimala Naval academy and the proposed Cost Guard Academy is situated in Puthiyangadi near Pazhyangadi of Kannur District in Kerala. The beach and the surrounding place is recently renovated within a budget of 91.2 lakh and it includes marine travel facility, rain shelter, pavilion, walkway, benches and toilets facility.

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The Casuarina trees at the beach makes it more attractive. There are groups of Casuarina trees separated by plains in between the groups. A walk through the Casuarina trees is very refreshive.

There is a river near the beach and the banks of the river is a green grasslands with lots of coconut trees. It is a good place to sit and enjoy the evening.

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On holiday and all a lot of people visit the beach and in the coming day the visitors will increase since the beach is recently renovated.


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  • Baburajnambiar

    How could reach there from payyanur

    • You can reach there by pazhyangadi, then Puthiyangadi and then Chootad beach. Alternatively you can also reach chootad beach through Vengara (Either through madayipara road or through Kunhimangalam Andamkouval vengara chempallikkund road).

  • JilsyBiju

    How to reach there from taliparamba?

    • Kerala Picnicspot

      The Best way to reach Chootad Beach from from Taliparamba is through Pazhyangadi then Puthiyangadi and then chootad beach. You can also reach Chootad beach without going to Pazhyangadi twon, through Eripuram, Madayipara road, Vengara and head to left and reach there through Puthiyangadi….

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