Chempallikund-Vayalapra Parappu

Vayalapra Parappu-Chempallikund is situated in the Cheruthazham village of Kannur District, Kerala. The main attraction here is the Chempallikund River and the adjacent road. You can drive through the road which extends a few kilometres enjoying the beauty of the river. The road is recently renewed. The place is an ideal picnic spot and a good place to spend an evening.

Vayalapra Parappu Tourism Site

Vayalapra Parappu Tourism Site

V-Pra Kaayal Floating park

A new park known as V-Pra Kaayal Floating park is recently constructed at Vayalapra Parappu. Boating, food court, Solar street light and toilet facilities are available at the park. Also a children’s park, benches and coffee shop is available at the park. Pedal boating facility is available in the river. A bird watching centre is also set up at adjacent to the park. All these facilities are constructed in an eco-friendly manner without disturbing the natural ecosystem.

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You can also enjoy the sunset from here. The long and wide river contains beautiful rocks of various shape in it. It is very beautiful to see the rocks in the river. There are a lots of mangrove forests in the river. At some places it looks like a small island is formed with the mangrove trees. The river looks great with rocks and mangrove forests in it.

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You can see the Ezhimala hills in a distance from Vayalapra Parappu and the Chempallikund River. The medicinal wind from Ezhimala hills is a refreshing experience for the visitors. The sunset with the Ezhimala Hills in the background is a must see experience. A lot of migratory birds visit the place every year so this is a good place for bird watching.

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The river is rich in aquatic life. At the end of the road it meets the Pazhyangadi-Andamkouval-Payyanur road and there is a bridge crossing the river. There is small shop where you can buy fresh water fishs. Also there is a place after the railway bridge where fresh water fishes are cultivated.

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This is one of the cleanest picnic spot as the road, the river and looks clean without any waste dumping anywhere to see. Overall a perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy the evenings with your loved ones.


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