Attractions at E3 Theme Park

The attractions at E3 Theme Park can be divided into 5 as E3 Spotlight, Entertainment Zone, Action Zone, Adventure Zone and Other Attractions. Read more below.

zip line Attractions E3 Theme Park

zip line Attractions E3 Theme Park

E3 Spotlight


E3 Park has Kerala’s first and largest aviary, where exotic and colourful birds are put up on show whose sounds are rejuvenating music to our ears.

Moss Garden

E3 Theme Park’s most creative attraction is the Moss Garden where freshness, greenery and art come together.

Pet Zoo

India’s first Pet Zoo is set up at E3 Theme Park. Watching your kids feeding and playing with domesticated animals.

Dion Park

Kerala’s first Dinosaur Park ‘The Dino Park’ at E3 Theme Parks which showcases models of 20 Dinousers found once ruled the Earth. The pre-historic giants come alive in front of your eyes accompanied by Digital Sound. You’re can hear them roar and stomp. The models were bought from China.

Tribal Village

Tribals are the only people who share the closest connection with Nature. E3 Theme Park’s Tribal Village enable you to experience their natural way of living

Artificial Waterfall

Witness artistically created artificial waterfalls which calms the mind, body & soul.

Lake and Pedal Boating

Paddle boating facility is available at E3 Theme Parks serene Man Made Lakes.

Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, one of the best creation of nature, enjoy and experience it at E3 Theme parks butterfly garden.


Enjoy another wonderful creation of Nature, the aquatic life at E3 Theme parks Aquarium.

Fish pond

Relax, and rejuvenate as you watch fishes of all kinds swim effortlessly at E3 Theme Parks artistically made Fish Pond.

Entertainment Zone

Opening Ceremony

Every day E3 Theme Parks has an opening Ceremony with a combination of different art forms that portray diverse cultures and their vibrancy which will be a hearty experience and a warm welcome for the visitors.

Special Act Show

An endearing act of art which will be performed in the E3 Theme Parks amphitheater, inspired from the Roman Colosseum.

Illuminate Show

Illuminate Show combines art and technology where the dancers blend the art of dance with lights.

Retro to Metro Show

The Retro to Metro show is an exclusive art presentation E3 Theme Parks combining dance and drama through a journey from the past through the present to the future.

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony will be held at the end of each day. The E3 Theme Parks shows their gratitude towards all our beloved visitors.

Action Zone

Air Hockey

Enjoy Air hockey, one of the most involving game ever which is played by two people on a friction-less table at E3 Theme Park.

Basket Ball

E3 Theme Parks has basketball court. Come and enjoy your play here.


E3 Theme Parks has dedicated cricket court which you will enjoy playing.

Bumping Cars

Children’s Favorite Bumping Cars ride and clash with it.

Bungee Trampoline

The bungee trampoline, most accepted and demanded activity at many fairs, vacation resorts and several summer camps.

Bull Ride

Hang on to the top and stay mounted to the virtual stimulated bull while it tries to throw you off.


Hammer, the game of power is here at E3 Theme Parks.

Kids Multi Play Station

Kids Favorite, enjoy playing games in a most modem and equipped Multi Play station.

Pedal Go Carts

The most enjoyable adventure, Pedal Go Karting at E3 Theme Parks

12D Theater

Experience the virtual world come alive at E3 Theme Park’s one of its kind 12D Theatre.

Adventure Zone


Test your concentration and sharpness at E3 Theme Parks Archery Zone.

Bumper Zorbing

The adventurous Bumper Zorbing, watch the world through a transparent ball and engage in fun filled activities,

Laser Tag

Laser Tag makes your fantasy of gun fighting come true. Put on your battle suits and engage yourself in a combat environment at the Laser Tag Arena

Paint Ball

Paint Ball aim, shoot and reload. Go all out and destroy your opponents in a colourful way.

Rifle Shooting

Test your aim at the rifle shooting zone.


Rappelling the exciting attraction, climb down a steep cliff as you satisfy the adventurous spirit.

Rock Climbing

The adventures sport, Rock climbing, experience the raw spirit of rock climbing at E3 Theme Park.

Zip Line

E3 Theme Park’s adventurous attraction, Zip Line, Buckle up and zip across in lightning speed

Magnetic Free fall

India’s first Magnetic Free Fall is now at E3 Theme Parks. Experience adventure like never before., Take a leap into thin air with absolutely no harness.

Rope Course

Ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity that will be an all new experience.

Horror Tunnel

Ready to experience horror like never before. Ghosts, spirits and scary creatures from the dark are a few things that would greet you in our horror tunnel.

Animal ride

Enjoy a horse ride through at E3 Theme Parks, a fun and thrilling experience.

Other Attractions

Authentic Wayanad shopping centre.

Purchase spices of Kerala, handicraft and handloom products of Wayanad mainly done with coconut shells, canes, wood and metals. Also charms like garments and textiles in excellent quality.


Multi-cuisine restaurant with exclusively designed family space. Enjoy the food..

Conference hall

Specially designed conference hall that suits all your business or recreational meet.

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