Aadivedan Theyyam

Aadi and Vedan are two different theyams representing Parvathy and Siva and are performed by children during the Mansoon season and they visit each houses in this season. This custom is related to the Farmer families of Malabar. This custom is in the verge of extinct since School children are performing this Theyyam children now are not willing for this now as they have to got to shcool.

It is believed that this Theyyam is performed to eradicate the sour and diseases of the Karkidaka month (The begining of mansoon Season). People of the ‘Malaya’ community has the right to perform the Vedan Theyyam representing Siva and ‘Vannan’ Community has the right to perform the Aadi Theyyam representing Parvathy. The Vedan Comes First and then comes the Aadi.

Vedan visits the houses from Karkidakam 7th and Aadi visits the home from Karkidakam 17th. This Theyyam is performed using a single drum. The drums are played only at houses and not on the way. While playing the drum the and singing a particular song the Vedan slowly walks forward and backward in front of the house. This song is known as ‘Vedan Song’.

Both these Theyyams visits the houses during the heavy rain of Karkidakam or Mansoon. The Aadivedan Theyyam are welcomed with Nilavilaku and Nirapara, also Rice, Vegetables, Grains etc. These are for the Vedan. Money also are given. These are a way of living for them during the mansoon season when no Theyyams are performed.

Myth or Story

This story is believed to be occurred when Pandavas were living in the Forest. While Arjuna was Praying Siva and Parvathy came in the form of Vedan and Aadi to test Arjuna and the Boothaganas  followed them. An Asura named Mookasura in the form of a wild boar tried to attack Arjuna. Both Arjuna and Vedan shot the arrow and Mookasura died and restored his actual shape. Both Arjuna and Vedan quarrelled for they shot the Asura and and they fought each other. In their fight Arjunas Arrows were not hitting Vedan and later Arjuna realised that Vedan was actually Lord Shiva and Arjuna felt sorry and praised Lord Shiva. Shiva was impressed and blessed Arjuna with ‘Pashupathasthra’ a divine Arrow.

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