Gulikan Theyyam

Guligan Theyyam is worshipped as the Lord Shiva. In every Kaliyattam, the performance of Guligan Theyyam is inevitable.

Myth or Story

Markendayan or Dhruvan had only 16 years of life in earth. Knowing this he worshiped Lord Shiva. At the age of 16 Yaman the God of Death came to take the life of Markendaya but he held Shivalinga tightly with him. Yaman with his rope tied shivalinga also with Markendaya.

Shiva got angry and to save the life of Markendayan Lord Shiva opend his third eve and Lord Yaman was burned alive. After the death of God Yaman there was no death in Earth and all the devas went to Lord Shiva to complain about this.

To solve the problem Lord Shiva pressed the thumb of his toe to down and from the thumb the Gulikan was born and Shiva send Gulikan to Earth giving his the duties of Lord Yaman.

It is said The presence of Gulikan is there that in all small and big activities in the lifetime of a man. Gulikan Theyyam is worshipped by the ‘Malaya’ community.

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