Kakkara Bhagavathi Theyyam

Kakkara Bhagavathi Theyyam is known in different names in different places. This Fire Theyyam is believed to be born from the Divine Third eye of Lord Shiva. and the original seat is beleived to be Kalkura Kavu or Kakkara Kavu. It is also believed that the original name of this goddess is Kalkura Bhagavathi.

Myth or Story

It is believed that the Goddess has relationship with Poonhoottam and Kalakkad magical homes.

After Killing Dharikasura Devi was with the Kalakattu Thirumeni. Once while bathing the the Kalakattu Thirumeni heard a baby crying and asked someone to stop it crying but it came out differently as to stop its breath. (In Malayalam both words are pronounced almost same). After some time the baby died and feeling sad and angry the Kalakkat threw the sacred sword of Devi into the stream. The drifting sward came into the hands of another Brahmin named Poonthottam and he gave a seat to the Devi at Kakkara kavu.

Hence the Devi came to be kanown as Kakkara Bhagavathy. The Theyyam performs with fire arrows in the hip and with ferocious and violent movement and hence create fear in spectators. The background music also adds ferocious to the movement of the theyyam.

Other Names

Kakkara Bhagavathi Theyyam is known in different names in different places. Some of the names are listed below.

Mambally Bhagavathi

Arumbully Bhagavathi

Chekkecheri Bhagavathi

Karattu Bhagavathi

Koyikulangara Bhagavathi

Dhooliyanga Bhagavathi

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