Kshethrapalakan Theyyam

The Kshethrapalakan Theyyam is performed with long Crown and crown is removed after three circumambulations of the temple. Even though red coloured crown is seen mostly black crown is seen.

Myth or Story

Once after losing a war with an Asura named ‘Dhamukhan’ the Devas pleaded for help to the Mahadeva Lord Shiva and Shiva sent Parashurama but Parashurama also lost to Dhamukhan. So Shiva created Kalarathri from his divine Third eye and the Kalarathri Bhagavathi killed Dhamukha and drank the Blood after cutting his head. But still the anger of Devi didn’t stop so to cool her up Shiva danced for her and the Deve was attracted to Shiva and hugged shiva a child was born named Kshethrapalakan.

To stop the evil on Earth, Shiva then send Kshethrapalakan along with Veetaikorumakan and Vairajathan to the Earth. At the Nediyirippu Swaroopam the Samoothiri made the Captain or Leader of his army. When the need of a country for the Son of the niece of samoothiri and nephew of Keralavarma, Kolathiri decided to capture the Alladam ruled by Ettukudukkal Lords. So the Prince along with Kshethrapalakan, Veetaikorumakan and Vairajathan captured Alladam. Devi Kalarathri also helped them. After capturing alladam Kshathrapalakan continued his jurney and Kshathrapalakan along with Kalarathri became the Mother Goddess of Alladam.

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