Kutti Chathan Theyyam

Kutti Chathan Theyyam also known as Shasthappan theyyam is another theyyam performed in the Northern Kerala as part of the Theyyam Festival in Theyyam temples and Kavus.

Myth or Story

Once when Lord Shiva went for hunting in the jungles heard a female voice and found a beautiful woman named Koolivaka. Shiva was sexually attracted to her. Knowing the wish of Shiva, Koolivaka was afraid and prayed to her favourite Goddess Parvathi. Parvathi knowing the reason went to her and told not to be afraid and that this is her fortune or duty.

Parvathi also told her the story behind it. In the previous life Koolivagha was the maid of Parvathi. Parvathi once found Koolivagha breastfeeding his son Ganapathi and cursed her to be born in Chandala family in her next birth. Koolivagha felt sorry and asked to forgive her. Parvathi calmed down and told that in her next birth she will have the luck to breastfeed and raise Shiva’s Son.

After telling the story of her past life Parvathi told her to go home without fear. And then Parvathi went to Shiva as Koolivagha and slept with him. And they had 316 children. The Elder among them is Karimkutty. Hi was called Karimkutty Chathan. The youngest among them is Vishnumaya and he was given a Buffalo for his protection. And Karimkutty was given a Bull. Then Parvathi gave both the children to Koolivagha and she raised them.

Shiva and Parvathi had gave a lot of powers to these children and they lived in the tribal family showing many magical powers. On their 7th birthday naradha Maharshi visited and revealed the secret of their birth and asked them to visit their parents at Kailasa.

So the Chathans went to Kailasam and Nandhikeshan stopped them at the gate. So they went inside in the form of Mahavishnu and got blessings of their parents. Shiva was very happy and since they went inside as Mahavishnu He was given the name Vishnumaya. Shiva then thought them all the martial arts and also how to kill the asura named Jalandharan.

Then chathan went to kill Jalandharan and in the Battle the Chathan took the form of Sudharshana Chakra (the magical weapon of Mahavishnu) and followed Jalandhara to kill him. Jalandharan feared and tried to hide somewhere and finally hides in the sea. Due to the heat of Shdharshana Chakra the sea water starts boiling and due to the heat jalandhara came out and the Chathan killed him.

The happy Devanmar invited chathan to the Devalogam and asked him to stay there. But he wanted to stay in his tribal village and he returned back.


An asura named Brigusara was attracted to the mother of chathanmar, and want to marry her. So chathan along with Karimkutty fought a war with Brigasura and his army. In the war the chathan was wounded in his finger and from the blood that came from the wound 400 kuttichathanmar was born. All the ten Brahmasthra used by Brigasura was swallowed by 10 kuttichathanmar and died. The left 390 kuttichathans destroyed whole of brigusaras army and killed Brigasura.

In some myth kuttichathan is said to the son of Lord Shiva. Is some myth Kuttichatha is said to be the son of Shiva and Vishnu. And magicians of Kerala worshipped Kuttichathan. In Northern Malabar Kuttichatha Theyyam is worshipped as the son of Shiva and Parvathi.  In many stories Kuttichathan is said to be a good in magical power.

Photo Gallery

Temples where this Theyyam is performed

  1. Kannur Thalasseri Kodiyeri Punnolkandy Bhagavathi Kshethram
  2. Mattannur Velliyamparambu Tharavad kshethram,
  3. Kasargod Nileswar Vadakke Puliyannur Cheruppakkottu Vishnu Temple
  4. Kannur Kadirur Penankimotta Malayan kavu (Amminikavu)
  5. Pazhayangadi,Aduthila,Chittothidam devasthanam
  6. Kannur Thazhe Mundayat Sri Bhagavathi Kshetram
  7. Kannur Paalayi Thokkilangadi Sree Porkkali Bhagavathy Kavu
  8. Kannur Thottada Kizhunna Melaat Manthappan Kavu
  9. Kannur Chalakkara Varaprathkavu Devi Temple
  10. Kannur Irivery Sree Kuttian Kalarikkal Kavu
  11. Kannur ThalasseriThottummal Kavullathil Sree Kali Temple
  12. Kannur Kadirur Pullyod Valiyapurayil Sree Bhagvathi kshethram
  13. Kannur Kizhakke Kadirur Kurmba Bhagavathy Kshethram
  14. Kannur Azhikode Moonnunirath Vayalil Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Kshetram
  15. Kannur Tulicheri Maavila Nambyanjeri Temple
  16. Koothuparamb Mundayodu Mavilayi Sree Koodan Gurukkanmar Kavu
  17. Chala Kalarivattam Temple
  18. Kannur Azhikode Chalil Kalathil Sree Puthiya Bhagavathy Temple
  19. Azhikode Sree Lakshmi Devasthanam
  20. Chalad Chalil Bhagavathy Kavu
  21. Kannur Thalasseri Nittur Puthusseri Kongattu Tharavad Devasthanam
  22. Kadachira Valiyamuttam Temple
  23. Kannur Thalasseri Chungam Sree Panakkadan Malayankavu


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