Madayil Chamundi Theyyam

Madayil Chamundi Theyyam is another theyyam performed in the Northern Kerala as part of the Theyyam Festival in the Temples and Kavus.

Theyyams which are called by the name of Kali are Badhrakali, Veerar Kali, Karimkali Pullikali, Chudala Badhra Kali, Puliyoor Kali, etc. Chamundi is same as Kali who killed the Chamundas and whi prevented falling of the blood of Rakthabeejasura to earth by drinking it. So Chamundi is also called as Raktha Chamundi and Raktheshwari. In the war between Asuras Chanda Mundala, Devi followed them to sky and Pathala and fought to them. Since she went to Pathala she is also called as Pathala Moorthy and Madayil Chamundi.

Myth or Story

Once the elder Pothuval from the Vannadil Family and his servant Kuruvadan Nair was hunting in the forest. The Pothuval in the front with a bow and the Nair followed him with a knife. Then they heard the sound of a wild goat and they aimed the arrow to it. They then searched for the animal but could not find it. Suddenly they heard the huge roaring sound of the injured animal. And they sow a huge wild creature coming out of a den.

They both ran for their life. Pothuval ran to the Kanakaramma. Kanakaramma told that Pothuval is like my family so you should cool down and go back. But the angry pathala Bhairavi killed the Nair with her sharp nail drank the blood and kicked off the dead body.

The Pothuval then gave a seat to the Devi as Madayil Chamundi. As the Deve came out from the Den of Alanthatta Forest the Devi came to be known as Alanthatta Madavathilkavil Bhagavathi.

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Temples where this Theyyam is performed

  1. Kannur Payyannur Vannadil Kokkarammathu Tharavad Arooda Sthanam Alanthatta Madavathikkal Temple
  2. Kannur Payyannur Vannadiyil Madayil Chamundi Temple
  3. Kannur Pacheni Sree Madayil Bhagavathy Temple
  4. Kannur Kunhimangalam Malliyottu Puthiyapurayil Kalari Devasthanam
  5. Payyannur Karayil Mundikkal Madayil Chamundi Kshethram
  6. Mullul variyambath Madayil Bhagavathy Temple,Taliparambha
  7. Payyannur Mahadevagramam Vannadil Meenakkottil Madayil Chamundi Temple
  8. Kannur Kuveri Sree Muchilot Bhagavathy Temple
  9. Kasargod Thrikkaripur Thalichalam Mundyathalinkeezhil Vishnumurthi Temple
  10. Kannur Narath Sree Puthiyabhagavathy Kavu
  11. Kannur Madai Sree Koormbakkavu
  12. Kannur Vengara Sree Muchilot Bhagavathy Kavu
  13. Kannur Kunhimangalam Sree Vadakkan Kovval Bhagavathy Temple
  14. Kannur Narikode Ezhome Madayil Kottam
  15. Kannur Kunhimangalam Kuthirummal Kolangarath Valappil Gooliyanga Bhagavathy Kavu
  16. Kannur Vengara Chidayarkulangara Bhagavathy Kavu
  17. Kannur Vengara Kakkeel Tharavadu Devasthanam
  18. Kannur Vengara Moolakeel Kizhakkara Kavu
  19. Kannur Kannapuram Poomala Bhagavathy
  20. Kannur Payyannur Maniyara Paleri Tharavadu Devasthanam
  21. Kasaragod Pothavoor Sree Meledath Poomaala Bhagavathy Kavu Mundya
  22. Kasargod Alanthatta Puthiyadathara Devasthanam
  23. Kasargod Thrikaripur Thangayam Kambrath Tharavadu Devasthanam
  24. Kannur Kadannappally Padinjarekkara Perumthattachal Kavu
  25. Kannur Edat Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu
  26. Kannur Kunhimangalam Varikkara Tharavadu Dharma Daivam Temple
  27. Kannur Kannapuram Sree Poomala Bhagavathy Temple
  28. Kannur Vellavu Padinhatta Palliyara Bhagavathy Temple
  29. Kannur Payyannur Kandoth Koorumba Bhagavathy Kavu
  30. Kasargod Nileshwaram Palakkat Sree Puthiya Parambath Bhagavathy Kavu
  31. Kannur Thayineri Sree Kurinhi Kshetram
  32. Kannur Kunhimangalam Kuthirummal Mattummal Kalari Devasthanam
  33. Payyannur Kokkanisseri Kandambath Ara Vellarkkulangara Temple
  34. Kannur Kotti Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu
  35. Kannur Kandankaali Kaaralikkara Kannangatt Bhagavathy Kavu
  36. Kannur Ramanthali Sree Thamarathuruthi Kannangat Bhagavathy Kavu
  37. Cherukunnu Kavinisseri Muchilottu Bhagavathy Kavu


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