Manathana Pothi Theyyam

Manathana Pothi Theyyam also known as Manathana Kali or Manathana Bhagavathi is a powerful Goddess performed in Madappura. Kali is the myth behind most mother Goddess. It is believed that Kali is born from the devine third eye of Lord Paramashiva. Along with Goddess who participated in the war between Deva and Asura, Goddess who came to eradicate evils from earth and who helped to eradicate evils are also worshipped as Theyyams in Temples. Even though they have many other duties War duty is main among them.

Kali was born to Kill Dharika a cruel and powerful Asura. After worshiping Lord brahmau for years he got a special boon that only a women can kill him. After getting the boon he became more powerful and cruel. He declared himself as the most powerful and started to show cruelty to all Devas and saints.

Finding no other way the Devas visited Lord Shiva and told the sorrows and Shiva created Kali from his Devine third eye, thirsty for blood. Kali also got 18 weapons and Adhi Kailasa vedhala as Vechle to Kill Dharikasura. Devi also got Kali Manthra fram Kalakeyi. The Vedhalam took her to Dharikasura and she started the war with the Asura keeping the Sun, Moon, Mahisha and Vedhalam as Guards on the 4 gates of the Dharika Palace. The war lasted 7 day and night. Each day the Asura lost an Elephands power and after 7 days Dharika lost all his power.

Devi was confused where to kill Dharika. If she killed him from the sky the powers of stars will reduce. If she killed him from Earth then the power of Goddess Earth will reduce. So on the eighth she killed Dharika on the tongue of Vedhalam and drank his blood. The meet was given to Boothaganas, and the head was presented to her Father. Even after killing Dharika Devis anger did not reduce. And the myth says that Shiva sent Kali to Earth after cooling her.  After protecting Devas and Devalokha Kali went to warth wearing all ornaments and weapons.

Kali is worshipped as Manathana Kali in in Muthappa Temples.

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Temples where this Theyyam is performed

  1. Chalakkunnu Sree Muthappan Kshetram
  2. Kannur Mambaram Kottam Kollanandi Madappura
  3. Kannur Maloor Erattengal Sree Koovaakkool Vettakoru Makan Muthappan Madappura Ullilaal Bhagavathy Temple
  4. Kadachira Valiyamuttam Temple
  5. Mekunnu Sree Poovallathil Temple


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