Puthiya Bhagavathi Theyyam

Puthiya Bhagavathi Theyyam is a Goddess which cures diseases. In ancient times diseases are considered to be occurring because the God is angry. And in Theyyams there are Gods who cures diseases and who causes diseases. Among that Puthiya Bhagavathy is a Goddess who cures diseases.

Myth or Story

Chirumbanmar are Goddess who are born from the Divine Third eye of Lord Shiva. Even though Lord shiva created Chirumbanmar to bring prospriety and happiness to people they caused diseases like Smallpox and even Shiva himself and other Gods and Goddesses were affected by smallpox.  With the request of other Gods Mahadeva conducted a ‘Homa’ and from the fire of the ‘homa’ on the 41 day Puthiya Bhagavathy was born. And Shiva ordered her to cure all the diseases and he also send 6 children for helpig her. Mahadeva also offered fresh hen’s blood to Bhagavthy to quench her thirst.

She first cured the disease of Mahadeva and other Devas and the went to earth to cure the disease of the people. At earth she had to fight with an Asura named Kerthya Veera and in that battle she lost all her 6 children. The angry Goddess burned the Asura in fire and also burned the vilvapuram kotta and she left the place and whe destroyed everything she sow on the way.

On her way she got seat neat to Mathothathu Veerarkali, She also got seat in the moolacheri homes. Bhgavathy then came in the dreams of Kolathiri King. To commemorate the divine power of the deity the then Chieftain of Kalathnadu ‘Chirakkal Raja’ ordered to perform this Theyyam.

The Puthiya Bhagavathy was happy and she protected her people from all diseases.

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