Vairajathan Theyyam or Veerabhadran Theyyam

Vairajathan Theyyam is a feroucous Theyyam. The vellattam of this Theyyam is more ferrocious. The weapon of the Theyyam is Sword and Shield. The Theyyam strikes people with the Shield and people ran not to get hit by the Theyyam. There is also a belief that if one get hit by the shield of the Vairajathan Theyyam he will die before the next Kaliyattam. So people ran away from the Theyyam not to get hit by the shield and it is also painful if hit by the Shield.

Vairajathan Theyyam or Veerabadran Theyyam

Vairajathan Theyyam or Veerabadran Theyyam

Because Vairajathan Theyyam hits with his Shield. The Theyyam is also known as Thattum Theyyam. The half an hour vellattam initially is very ferroucious and later gets cooled and becomes normal. The Original Seat of Vairajathan Theyyam is known as Madam.

Myth or Story

Dakshan conducted a yaga in which he invited all from the three worlds but not Lord Paramashiva.Sathi Devi, the wife of Lord Shiva went to the Yaga conducted by her Father Daksha without invitation and not listening to her husband Orders. Dakshan insulted her saying he didnot invited her and why did she came here.¬† Feeling very much insulted she committed suiside by jumping into the yaga fire. Hearing the news of his wifes suicide Lord Shiva got very angry and he plucked some of his hair and beats to the floor. From the Hair Veerabadran or Vairajathan and Badrakali was born. Vairajathan got the name because he was born from the anger of Shiva and Vairajathan means “born from anger”.

Vairajathan along with Badrakali and Boothaganas went to Daksha’s yagashala and they set fire to yaga shala and killed Daksha.

Lord Shiva later sent Vairajathan to the earth to assist Kshathrapalakan and Vettakkorumakan. The three of them later defeated Embazhi Lords in a war and helped Kolathiri Kings to gain the Alladamnadu.

This Theyyam was initially played at Cheruvathur Kambikathidam Madam of Kasaragod district. Later it is also performed at Pilathara and Thrikkaripur Thankayam Madam.

Video Gallery

Temples where this Theyyam is performed

  1. Kasaragod Pilicode Rayaramangalam Bhagavathy Kavu
  2. Kasaragod Sree Kottikulam Puthrakkar Tharavadu Devasthanam
  3. Kannur Mathamangalam Thalavil Perumbadamb  Paradevatha Veera Bhadra Swami Temple
  4. Pilathara Cheruthazham Kunumbram Maadathin Keezhil Sree Vairajathan Temple
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