Kuppam Jalolthsavam

Kuppam Jalolthsavam is conducted in the Kuppam River near Thaliparamba in the Kannur District of Kerala. Started in 2015 the Kuppam jalolthsavam or Kuppam Vallam Kali is conducted by Gramavedhi Arts and Sports Club, Mukunnu, Kuppam.

The Second Kuppam Vallam Kali  was conducted on the 18th september of 2016. The Kuppam  Boat Race is conducted in an 800 metre track which runs from east to west in the Kuppam River near to the Kuppam Bridge of NH66. Kuppam River is one of the deepest river in Kerala.

At Kuppam Boat Race there are three category of races namely 25 rower category, 15 rower category and 5 rower category. For both 25 and 15 rower Category boat races Churalan Vallams are used and for 5 rower category traditional normal boats are used.

The entry to the boat race is free.

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