Malabar Jalolthsavam, Kavvayi Lake

The Malabar Jalolthsavam or Malabar Boat Race for the Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Gold Trophy at Kavvayi Kayal or Kavvayi Lake in the Kasaragod District, organized by Mettammal Brothers is held on the 3rd Onam day and it normally falls in the month of August-September.

Malabar Jalolthsavam, Kavvayi Lake

Malabar Jalolthsavam, Kavvayi Lake

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The organizers Mettammal Brothers is one of the most famous football clubs on Northern Kerala. The Malabar Vallam Kali or the Kavvayi Vallam Kali is not just a sports event. It is a commitment that the people at Thrikaripur makes towards conservation of Nature and the lake.

Started a few years back the Kavvayi boat race is one of the famous boat races of North Kerala. Other programs are also conducted as part of the boat race.

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