Malabar Jalolthsavam, Mangalassery

Malabar Jalolthsavam or Mangalassery Jalolthsavam is conducted in the Mangalassery River or Pattuvam River and is organized by Navodhaya Arts and Sports Club Mangalassery. Started in 2013 the Malabar Boar Race has became an important boat race in the North Kerala. here also boat races are conducted in the 25 rower and 15 rower category and Churalan Vallam are used for this races.

The Malabar Vallam Kali or Mangalassery Vallam Kali is being conducted in the Mangalassery River. This river is also known as Kuppam River in the Taliparamba Side and Pazhyangadi River in the Pazhyangadi Side. So other Boat races like Kuppam Vallam Kali and Madayi Vallam Kali are being conducted in the same River.

The River is also known as Pattuvam River and hence  the Mangalassery Boat Race is also known as Pattuvam Boar Race or Pattuvam Vallam Kali.

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