Uthara Malabar Jalolthsavam, Thejaswini Lake

Uthara Malabar Jalolthsavam or Uthara Malabar Boat Race or the North Malabar Boat Race is conducted in the Thejaswini River, near Neeleshwaram in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. Started in the early 1970 the Uthara Malabar Vallam Kali was the only Boat Race in the North Malabar region until recently. But now a lot of boat races are being conducted in the Kannur and Kasaragod District.

Initially only the 5 rower boats are used for races and now 25 rower boats are used. Now races are conducted in the 25 rower and 15 rower category. Also Women’s 15 rower races are also conducted.

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The Thejaswini boat race is the most famous boat race in the North Malabar region and a huge crowd arrives to watch the event. Initially the boat race was conducted on the Thiruonam day but now a days the Boat race is being conducted on Oct 2nd the Birthday of Mahathma Gandhi.

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