Activities in Gavi

Gavi offers a lot of activity to its visitors including trekking, wild life and bird watching, tree top huts and deep forest camping and much more. A detailed description of the various activities of Gavi is given below.


Trekking is one of the major activity in Gavi. Here you can have an outstanding trekking experience and the trained local people of Gavi will assist you if needed. Sabarimala, the most famous pilgrimage destination of Kerala is just a short trek from Gavi. Trekking trails to Pullumedu Peak offers a panoramic view of the Sabarimala shrine. Visitors can also take along a local guide and experienced ‘elephant chaser’ and then hike to Meenar, Chenthamara Kokka and Valley View that gives a spectacular view of a deep ravine and the forest below. Outdoor camping and night safaris are organised to Kullar, Gavi, Pullumedu, Kochu Pampa, Pachakanam or Anathodu. These instructions should be followed strictly while going for trekking.

  1. Do not make big noise
  2. Do not stay in same place for long (Leeches will climb up in pants)
  3. Follow the Guide
  4. Do not panic if you see any animals
  5. Do not leave any footprints
Wild Elephant at Gavi

Wild Elephant Seen at Gavi Forest

Wildlife watching

People who like to watch and observe the wild life in real, Gavi is the place for you. Night safaris to Kullur, Gavi Pullumedu, Kochu Pampa, Pachakanam provide ample opportunities for wildlife viewing. If you are lucky enough you can spot endangered species including the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque on the outskirts of Gavi. Other wild animals present in the evergreen forest of Gavi are Tigers, elephants, Leopards, Bears, Indian Gaur, sambar, barking and mouse deers, Nilgiri Marten and more.

Bird Watching

Another activity at Gavi is bird watching. With more than 260 species of birds Gavi is a heaven for bird watchers.

Stay at top tree huts

Sleep in the serenity of the woods away from the fast life of the city in an 80 feet high tree house and enjoy the avian life to the fullest. The tree houses are the modified versions of the old ‘earumadam’. The tree house equipped with the modern features like beds, bathrooms with flushable toilets, washbasins with running water and shower. There is also a sit-outs or carpeted balconies where you can sit and relish the beauty of the surroundings in the lap of nature. Facilities like TV, music system etc are not available. The only noise is that of the chirping of the birds, swaying of the trees and rustle of the grass, which would sound like music to the ears.
Lighting is provided by kerosene lamps and hurricane lamps. Locally available eco-friendly raw materials are used in the construction of the treehouses and indigenous techniques, skills and expertise of local tribal craftsmen are used for the construction and maintenance of these tree house.

Outdoor camping in forest around

For the most adventurous people, Gavi offers the opportunity to spend a night in deep forest in small tents at the camping site, which is a rarity in many Indian forest. Guides and helpers will accompany the guests. Hot and delicious dinner will be prepared and served there itself.  As the dusk stretches into the silence of the night, one can feel the presence of wildlife in the middle of nowhere, an experience that cannot be explained in words. Women and children are not recommended.

Safaris through jungle roads

Jeep safari is available through Gavi forest for 2 and a half hour during which you have good chance of sighting wild animals and exotic birds.

Visit to paradise cove at Ninnumulli

This is a must for all nature lovers

Boating in the Gavi & kochupampa lakes

Boating facilities are available at the crystal clear Gavi reservoir and Kochupamba. Row boating facility is also available in Gavi. Tourists should wear life jackets while going for boating.

Climb to Sabarimala Temple View

Gavi offers a spectacular view of Sabarimala, the most popular pilgrimage centre in Kerala and the pilgrimage centre which attracts most devotes in India in a particular season annually. Capture the scenic and panoramic beauty of Sabarimala hills and pilgrimage spot. Sabarimala is just trekking distance from Gavi so if you wish you can also trek to Sabarimala.


canoeing in the placid waters of Gavi is a memorable experiance

Plantation visit

Go for a leisure visit to the nearby cardamom plantations, coffee plantation and cardamom curing centre and it is definitely a rare experience, and it offers peace of mind. Visit to the cardamom plantation and inhale aromatic whiffs of cardamom and then to the curing house.


There is a Museum in Gavi where the skeletons of the animals are preserved

Keep in mind that Gavi is pristine, and it belongs to the wild. Visitors are responsible for their intentions and actions, which will have a bearing on the upkeep of Gavi for a long time to come.

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