Bekal Fort-The Largest Fort in Kerala

Bekal fort is the largest and one of the best preserved forts in Kerala. The 300 plus year old fort is a coastal fort lying 16 km south-east of Kasargod situated on the backdrop of Arabian seashore of Pallikkara village in the Kasargod district of North Kerala. The Bekal fort spreads over 40 acres (160,000 m2) of land. Due to its historic relevance, the fort is controlled by the Archeological Survey of India.

Bekal Fort Kasaragod

Bekal Fort Kasaragod

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Unlike most other fort Bekal fort was not a centre of administration. It was build especially for fulfilling defense requirement. There are a lot of holes on the outer walls of the fort specially designed to defend the fort effectively. The holes on top are for aiming the enemy at the farthest point, the holes in the middle for aiming the enemy when they approach nearer and the holes at the bottom to strike the enemy when they are nearest.

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History behind the Bekal fort

ShivappaNayaka of Bednore constructed the Bekal Fort in 1650AD. During the Perumal Age Bekal was a part of Mahodayapuram. Following the political decline of Mahodayapuram Perumals by the 12th century AD, North Kerala including Bekal, came under the sovereignty of Mushika or Kolathiri or Chirakkal Royal Family. Around 1763 A.D. the fort was occupied by Haider Ali. During Tipu Sultans’ (Haider’s son) reign it housed the Huzur of Canara. It was later incorporated into the dominions of the English East India Company. During the British rule, the erstwhile Bekal taulk was part of South Canara district and encompassed the present Kasargod and Hosdurg taluks. Kasargod became part of Kerala with the state reorganization in 1956.

Bekal Fort-Kerala Tourism

At the Bekal Fort

  • Anjaneya Temple: The Hanuman temple is situated at the entrance of the fort. The temple attracts hundreds of devotees from far and near. It is said that the temple is as old as the fort itself but shrine was recently renovated Said.
  • Mosque: The old mosque believed to have been built by Tippu Sultan of Mysore, newly renovated, stands just outside the fort.
  • Observation Tower: The observation tower is the most visible landmark in the area and situated in the middle of the fort. The structure, around 80 ft. in circumference at the base and more than 30 ft. high, commands a magnificent view of the sea to the south, north and west, and the green landscape to the east. The observation tower was a vantage point in the effective defines of the fort.
  • The Sea Bastion: Located on the rocky outcrop west of the fort, the bastion is a unique structure, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea and beach. Having undergone extensive restoration, it is now a favorite spot with tourists.
  • Underground Passages: It is believed that there were many underground passages leading outside from various parts of the fort. Two of them are still intact, one leading to the southern face of the fort and the other to the moat on the east.
  • Seaside Pathway: The seafront of the fort is best viewed along the pathway, linking the beaches at the north and south of the battlement. The pathway is a magnificent walk, with the imposing facade of the fort wall to the east and the shimmering sea to the west. The seaside pathway has been developed by Bekal Resorts Development Corporation to enhance the Bekal experience.

Bekal Fact File

Sea Level
12°23’32″N 75°1’57″E
Rain Fall
Best Time to Visit:
Summer & Winter.October to May
STD Code
8am – 5.30pm
Entry fee per head
Rs. 15
0467 223 6580

Bekal Fort Kasaragod-Kerala Tourism

How to Reach:

Location: It lies 12 kms south of Kasaragod and 15 kms from Kanjangad and 3 kms from Pallikkara

By Air:

Bajpe Airport, Mangalore (IXE): 62Km
Kozhikode Airport (CCJ): 176Km

By Rail:

Pallikkara(PKP): 4 Km
Kasaragod(KGQ): 8Km
Kanjangad(KZE) : 13Km

By Road:

Bus Time : Bus Service available frequently to Bekal Fort

Distance Chart

94 Km.
Mangalore (Karnataka)
50 Km.
175 Km
380 Km
570 Km Via Trissur – Ernakulam – Alappuzha or Trissur – Kottayam – Kollam
Coorg (Mercara)
152 Km Towards east in Karnataka State
Goa (Panaji)
420 Km

The Fort at Bekal, Kasaragod

Tourist Destinations Near By

  • Anandasram(15 km from Bekal): Anandashram is a spiritual retreat located in Kanhangad, Kasaragod district. This internationally renowned spiritual center offers a quiet, peaceful ambience best suited for meditation and spiritual studies.
  • Ananthapuram Lake Temple (30 km from Bekal): Located in the middle of a lake in Kasaragod district this 9th century monument is the only lake temple in Kerala.The temple is believed to be the original seat (moolasthanam) of Lord SreePadmanabha. (Padmanabhaswamy temple Thiruvananthapuram). Read More
  • Manjeswaram: A small cashew-growing town with two Jain Bastis, the Mother Dolorus Church of Bela, the Our Lady of Sorrows Church, several temples and fifteen mosques make it a prominent pilgrim center.
  • Madiyankulam Durga Temple: This Bhadrakali Temple at Ajanur, Kanhangad in Hosdurg is famed for its Bhuthadance  (pootham) performed in connection with the annual festivals in May/June & December/January.
  • Sree Mahalingeswara Temple, Adoor(45 km from Kasaragod): Located on the southern banks of the River Payaswini, this ancient Siva Temple is believed to have been constructed by Arjuna, the mythical character in the epic Mahabharata.
  • Cheruvathur: This is the home of the illustrious poets and scholars of Kuttamath,Cheruvathur is also a fascinating picnic spot with tourist attractions like Valiyaparamba backwaters, Veeramala Hills, Cheruvathur Kota Palli, Padanna Backwaters etc.
  • Madhur Temple (8 km north of Kasaragod town): The SrimadAnantheshwaraSidhiVinayakaTemple, one of the rarest Temple with three stored “GajaprishtaMathrika”, with its rich architecture and copper plate roofing, rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River.
  • TulurVanam (4 km east of Panathur): Also known as Kekulom (the eastern place), the temple here is consecrated to Kshetrapalan and Bhagavathi. The eight-day annual festival commencing from Sivarathri, attracts large crowds from all over the district as well as from Coorg in Karnataka.
  • Nileswaram: The cultural centre of the district, this was the seat of the Nileswar Rajas.
  • Malik Deenar Mosque: Located at Thalankara, Kasaragod the historic Malik Dinar Juma Masjid is one of the best kept and most attractive in Kasaragod district, is built in the typical Kerala style is believed to have been founded by Malik Ibin Dinar.
  • Edneer Mutt (10 km north east of Kasaragod): Situated about tenkms north east of Kasaragod townon the Kasaragod-Puthur road by the side of the river, Madhuvahinithe Mutt of Edneer belongs to the line or parampara of Totakacharya, one of the four chief disciples of Shankaracharya the 8th century philosopher.
  • Chandragiri (4 km from Bekal): Situated on the banks of the ChandragiriRiver in Kasaragod district Chandragiri Village is known for its large 17 century fort. The fort offers a breathtaking view of the river and the Arabian Sea.
  • HosdurgFort (4 km from Bekal): The Hosdurg Fort with its round bastions looks imposing from distance. SomashekaraNayaka of KeladiNayaka dynasty of Ikkeri built the fort.
  • The Hosdurg Beach:It lies 23 km south of Kanjhangad in Kerala. Hosdurg Beach is a wide strip flowing along the side of the town. A huge mile covering dazing tawny sands, casuarina orchards and the picturesque cottages made out of thatched roofs, which appears resembling the transplant from the English shires are the striking spotlights of the Hosdurg Beach.
  • Azhithala (25 km from Bekal): Azhithala is the place where tejaswani river mouths the Arabian sea. It is only 13 km away from the kangangad. Calm and secluded, Azhithala beach is scattered with casuarina trees and is an ideal place for relaxation and long walks.
  • Kanwatheertha Beach:The vast Kanwatheertha beach in Manjeswaram, Kasaragod about 33 km from Kasaragod is well known for its large ‘swimming pool-like formation’ of the Sea. This beach is widely regarded as a divine abode for swimmers.
  • Kappil beach (7 km from Bekal): One of the cleanest and unpolluted beaches of Kerala this quiet and isolated beach is a major tourist attraction. One can have a good view of the Arabian Sea from the nearby Kodi cliff.
  • Ranipuram (85 km from Kasaragod town): Situated 750 m above sea level, Ranipuram is famous for its trekking trails and varied vegetation – evergreen shola woods, monsoon forests and grasslands. Ranipuram in its natural beauty is comparable to Ooty. Wild elephants can be seen wandering on the top of the mountains.
  • Kottancheri Hills (27Km from Kasaragod): part of the Western Ghatslocated near Malom town near Konnakkad in kasaragod district it is a rain forest and acts as an extension of the Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary. The site is popular for trekking and is often referred to as the ‘trekker’s paradise’. The site is home to many animals, including deer, elephant, pig and wild dogs.
  • Possadigumpe: Possadigumpe Hill 1060 feet (320 meters) above sea level with its cool environs is an ideal picnic spot. Located in the village of Dharmathadka the place is at a distance of 25kms north of Kasaragod. The scenic vision of Arabian Sea and the vast areca gardens of Kasaragod extending up to Mangalore city and Kudremukh, from the top of the hill is awfully breath taking.
  • VeeramalaHills: A magnificent hill (or small mountain) in Cherukole Panchayat, the Veeramala Hill is an ideal tourist spot from where the natural beauty of the Kariangode River and its surroundings can be enjoyed. There is a hill top with the ruins of a Dutch fort built in the 18th century.
  • MaipadyPalace:This imposing edifice is situated on Kasaragod-Perla road, about 8 km from Kasaragod town. The palace which has a history of about 200 years was once the seat of the Kumbala Kings.

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