Anjaneya Statue (Lord Hanuman Statue) Ezhimala

The Anjaneya Statue or the statue of lord Hanuman in Ezhimala hills is the tallest Hanuman statue in South India. The Anjaneya statue made of concrete is 41 feet tall and is situated on the upper part of Top raod. The place where the statue is situated is known as Anjaneya Giri. There is a small muthappan temple near the statue. Everyone can visit and worship the Anjaneya statue irrespective of caste or religion. The Hanuman statue has been drawing devotees even from Jammu and Kashmir. An ancient mosque on the hill is another draw.

Biggest Hanuman Statue in Kerala

Anjenaya (Lord hanuman ) Statue, Ezhimala, kannur

The Anjaneya statue and temple is about 215 meters above the sea on the on the eastern part of Ezhimala hills (a hill reaching a height of 286 metres), in the Ezhimala village of Ramanthali panchayat near Payyanur in Kannur district. Ezhimala was one of the major battlefields of the Chola-Chera war of the 11th century.

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The statue stands against the wind from the Arabian sea. It reflects Hanuman’s potential to face any adverse situation. The face of Hanuman is calm and composed. According to myths, the faces of those holding inherent powers are always calm.

You can reach here either from Payyanur or from Ezhimala, Ettikulam, Ezhilode or Payangadi. From payyanur it takes a drive of about 30 minutes and even though the first half of the drive is easy the second half is a bit tedious.

From either way you have to climb the top road. The top road is almost equidistant (about 5 kms ) from the Kannur Gate or the Ramanthalli Gate. From both ends there is about two hair pin curves. There are two view points on the way from both ends and you can view a vast area from Cheruvattur to Kannur beach including the Madayipara, and Arabian Sea. The view from here is spectacular and mind blowing. The scenic beauty as you reach the top of the hill is worth the effort. Above this, the sight of the statue of Hanuman swamy adds joy in our hearts.

The Hanuman Statue installed by Sunson Herbal Products and Surya Trust, Payyanur, in rememberance of U Surendra Shenoy,(founder of Surya ayurvedics Payyanur).

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The statue sculpted out of concrete and cement is the creation of an amateur architect and artiste, K K R Vengara who works as a teacher near Ezhimala. Swami Gopalji, a saint who had been running an ashram here, who mooted the idea to erect a statue of Hanuman at the peak of Ezhimala here, which is 800 feet above sea level. It was at his instance that the work of the statue was started in 2002.Vengara said. As the Swamy left the scene, the project was taken over by the local Soorya Trust.

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Ayurvedic medicines are available to reduce/cure diabetes, obesity, and stress from a local shop in the vicinity.

The best time to visit is sunrise to sunset and offers a good vantage view.


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