Malampuzha Dam and Gardens

Malampuzha Dam, the largest reservoir in Kerala is located in Malampuzha a small town, on the foothill of the Western Ghats in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It got its name from the river Malampuzha, a tributary of the second longest river in Kerala-the Bharathappuzha. The view of the Western Ghats in the background of the dam is breath-taking.  The scenic beauty of Malampuzha dam makes it one of the foremost tourism centres in the State.

Malampuzha Dam and Gardens in Malampzha, Palakkad

Malampuzha Dam and Gardens

Malampuzha Dam and Garden is the winner of Trip Adviser Certificate of Excellence award 2015.

There is a walkway on top of the dam. The visitors can enter through the top of the dam through the left side of the garden (North end), and walk on top till the end. At the end there is an exit near the windmill to enter back to the garden. The view from the top of the dam is spectacular, on side the reservoir and the other side the malambuzha Gardens.

The Malampuzha Dam a combination of a masonry dam with a length of 1,849 metres and an earthen dam with a length of 220 metres. The dam project was begun in 1949 and completed in 1955. The dam is 125 feet high. The total catchment area is 145 square kilometres, while the reservoir has a capacity of 8000 square meters of water. There is a network of two canal systems that serve the dam’s reservoir of 42,090 hectares. The canal systems serve to irrigate farm land while the reservoir provides drinking water to Palakkad and surrounding villages.

The dam and the gardens are open from 10:00 AM in the morning to 6:00 PM in the evenings on weekdays, and 8:00 PM on weekends.

Malampuzha Dam

The main attraction is of course the Dam, the walkway and the scenic beauty in and around the dam and the view of reservoir and the Western Ghats.

Malampuzha Garden

The Malampuzha Garden reconstructed as the miniature of the world famous Mughal Gardens. Located in the front side of the Dam and spread across an area of 28.5 acres the Malampuzha Garden is full of lush green lawns with well laid-out flower beds. Nandi Park and Krishna Park are a part of the Gardens.

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