V-Pra Floating Park

The V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park is a recently constructed park on top of the Chemballikundu River or the Vayalapra kaayal. It is a one of the best place to spend a day with your family, kids and children. The V-Pra Floating Park is located in Vayalapra Parappu, Chemballikundu, Cheruthazham Panchayath, Payangadi, Kannur.


v-pra floating park, chemballikundu

v-pra floating park, chemballikundu

The Floating Water Park will be a new experience for you and your family. The main attraction of the park is the walk way built on top of the Chemballikundu Lake. You can walk in the middle of the river through the walk way and you have lots of food court in the middle of the lake. Park shines during the Sunrise and Sunset and it is very pleasing at the park in the evening. You can see the sunset in the background of the Ezhimala hills in the evening.

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There are a lot of activities at the Park like various types of Boating like pedal boats, motor boats, Kayaking, Group Boating, Party Boat or mini House Boats, Kids boating etc. The boating charge is Rs.50 and kids boating is Rs.30.

You also have a pretty large game zone with lot of games inside including bumping cars, snooker and lots of other games. Inside the game zone you need to purchase coins to play the game and each coins costs Rs.20 and some games may need 1, 2 or 3 coins to play it. Net cricket facility is also available.

A 9D cinema is occasionally available at the park and it costs Rs.100 per show.

Fish foot massage is also available. A children’s park is also available with sea sow, slides and other items. A Trampoline is also available for children at the park.

The charges for boating is Rs.50 for all types of boats. You can also take a round in the Party boat at Rs 50 with others. But if you want it for yourself you need to par Rs.2000/hour. Food can also be served at the party boats upon request.

A one day package Tour is also available if 35 or more people are visiting as a group to the park.

Parking and Toilet facility is also available at the park.

Chemballikundu, Vayalapra Parappu

Chempallikund-Vayalapra Parappu is a clean picnicspot in the Cheruthazham village of Kannur District, Kerala. The main attraction here is the Chempallikund River and the adjacent road. You can drive through the road which extends a few kilometres enjoying the beauty of the river. The road is recently renewed.

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The entrance fee to the park: Rs.10

Kids Boating: Rs.30/20mts.

Boating and Kayaking: Rs.50/20mts

Game zone: Rs.20/coin

9D Cinema (Occasionally available). Rs.100/show


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