Haritheerthakara Waterfalls

Haritheerthakara waterfalls also known as Ariyil waterfalls or Chooral waterfalls is a small waterfall near Payyanur in the Kannur District of Kerala. This is a virgin waterfall untouched by modern society.

Haritheerthakara Waterfalls

Haritheerthakara Waterfalls

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The Haritheerthakara Waterfalls is located in the 3rd Ward of Kankol-Alapadamb Panchayath in Kannur District. The location of the waterfall is in between the Chooral-Ariyil road. The waterfall is about 17 km from payyanur and you can reach the waterfall through Kankol or Mathil or Karivellur from Payyanur and through Cheemeeni Velichamthoodu road from Cheruvathur and Kanhangad. To reach the waterfall you have to walk about 100-200 meters from the road through a narrow pathway.

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The River is originated from Vellarikamthodu and Velichamthodu and joins the Perumba River. This is a small waterfall and the waterfall is an ideal place to hang out and escape from the heat and take a bath in the fresh water.

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The Waterfall depends on rain and hence you can enjoy the waterfall only for 3 or 4 months in a year. The waterfall descends from a height of about 5-6 meters in two steps and it is very beautiful to watch the waterfall. This is a virgin waterfall and hence no modern facilities are available here.

The waterfall is safe but the way to the waterfall is a bit risky as you have to climb down to the waterfall and the path is narrow and slippery. Even though the force of the water is less the rocks may be slippery so please stay safe.


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