Kanayi Kanam

Kanayi Kanam is a small stream with small waterfalls flowing in the middest of thick forest like vegetations.  Kanayi kanam is situated in the Kanayi village about 12 Km away from payyanur, in the Kannur district of Kerala. The atmosphere here is very pleasing with fresh water and greenery all around.

Kanayi Kanam, Payyanur

Kanayi Kanam

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The Kanayi Kanam hides a small lake under a thick canopy of a variety of Madhuca trees and ‘Chedavally’ (Dalbergia horrida), a climbing plant with strong curvy thorns. A small waterfall cascades down into the lake and flows towards Vannathippuzha, a few kilometers downstream.

Whatever the climate outside the Kanam, the temperature inside the Kanam is much lower and the climate inside the Kanam is very pleasing. You feel like you are inside a forest. Enjoy the atmosphere, trees, climate, take a swim in the lake.

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Kanam is a Malayalam word and are small evergreen grooves with small perennial river feeding streams found on the slopes of laterite hills in north Kerala. Researchers say there are at least 15 big Kanams and hundreds of small ones dispersed in revenue and private land, varying in size from one acre to 15 acres.

Kanayi Kanam is an ideal picnic spot to spend some hours with family or friends away from the heat of the city and town. Visit Once and you will definitely love Kanayi Kanam…

Once a perennial source of water for the entire area and for the paddy fields down the stream, Kanayi Kanam now almost dries up in summer

19 out of a total of 44 rivers in the state, flows through Kannur and Kasaragod district. And almost all of them expect four or five originate from Kanams. They also account for several small rivulets.

The locals have formed a committee to protect Kanayi, but other Kanams in North Kerala, like Chattanchal Kanam, Thachangad, Podippallam and other Kanams are not so lucky.

Kavu, or sacred groves, are often protected because of the beliefs and myths and even the government have come up with plans to protect them.  But, Kanams, which have no such sacred aura, fall an easy prey to human encroaches.

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Kanams are as important as sacred groves in a bio-diversity perspective and should not be allowed to die. “These biodiversity rich spots can be protected as community reserve.

Rules and Regulations for visitors

  • The Kanayi Kanam is a plastic free area and visitors are not allowed to throw plastic bags in the Kanam
  • Visitors are only allowed from 9 AM to 2 PM.

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